Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wedding

Finally, the last of the siblings got hitched.
It was a beautiful outdoor affair, and thankfully the weather cooperated. Not too hot, with no rain. The wedding was held in the poolside garden of the Equatorial Hotel, complete with the pretty trees and lush greenery.
Our Alli and her cousin Keith got to walk down the aisle with the bridal procession. Though we were nervous, they performed superbly thanks to some bribery.
It was somewhat of a madhouse too, with all the kids playing together; this was the first time Alli got to meet some of her cousins. And I have to say, despite the noise and the chaos, it was a joy to see.
The one thing I'm reminded of, is how much I miss family. Not only the immediate, but even the cousins and distant aunts and uncles whom you see only once in a blue moon; you realize that blood will always be thicker than water, and though you don't get to see them often, reunions like these always reminds you that you belong to the same unit.
With all this being done, we have another 11 days before we take off; hoping to make some day trips to KL to meet up with more friends. And I have a long list of foodstuff I have yet to consume!