Saturday, April 14, 2012

People have told us many times that Allison looks like me. I never believed a word of it; indeed, I thought that if she looked anything like me, she'd have trouble finding a boyfriend. Until I came across this picture of me on my first birthday, bawling. Yes, I had antisocial traits and didn't like parties. And it struck me how my daughter looks so much like me in that photo from 34 years ago. With the same curled lips.
The little miracles of life.
What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry,Doc, a child undergoes "18 changes" - a Chinese saying...she looks like you now but will grow up to be a beautiful lady in no time.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol....indeed look alike! hope she gets your good and caring heart too

10:32 PM  
Blogger Stranger said...

LOL look alike...

7:08 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

Hah, yea I thought so too. She has my pitiful look

9:39 AM  

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