Monday, April 18, 2011

So this trip is almost done. 16 days just breezed by, and we leave for the US soon.

We got to meet up with my buddies the other day, good friends from primary school. It's always interesting, how some friendships, despite the distance and time, still holds strong. It feels like I never left these guys, when in fact I last saw them well over a year ago. It's interesting how you just catch up on where you left off previously.

Though this year, it was also somewhat weird that the number of kids were starting to outnumber the adults.

I also took Kristin to my old high school. It's unreal, finally realizing that we left in 1993. That's almost 20 years ago! It was a treat to run into some teachers I recognize, though they seemed a lot scarier back in those days.

We're ready head back. We've done enough travelling. We were able to meet up with the people we wanted to see (well, most of them anyway. Some plans didn't work out, disappointingly). And I've certainly had enough of the heat (that, and the 5 day headache I've put up with).

Snow, here we come.


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