Friday, April 15, 2011


So, after a long 8-day roadtrip to Ipoh, Pangkor, Penang and Cameron Highlands, we're back in Seremban to unwind before we leave in 5 days. The road to Cameron was windy, so windy that we both got carsick. And so, I showed my wife the traditional Chinese way of treating nausea: Dried sour plums.

She loved it.

Driving back, we saw quite a few of these. I just had to ask Kris to take a picture of this. Why would anyone in their right mind who was driving be checking Twitter for traffic conditions??? Is this where taxpayer money is going to?


Blogger suanie said...

actually, their twitter account at is pretty up to date. my family and i relied on their twitter updates when coming back from kampung during CNY :D they didn't finish writing on the LED board la

11:15 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

why not just put the traffic info on the boards? isn't that the purpose anyway. Ie "traffic bad 30 km up", or "accident ahead"?
rather than using a messaging board to inform drivers to check twitter, when drivers shouldn't even be text messaging while driving, let alone surf?

6:10 PM  
Blogger aidareza said...

In Msia/KL we don't talk about the weather, we talk about the traffic.

There are a few more traffic twitter sites for updates on police road-blocks.

I follow the traffic updates before I leave the house as it is very accurate.

I also update. Yes, I live dangerously but then again these are dangerous times.

We have an acid splasher on the prowl.

Twitter traffic updates is the fastest method of getting info fast and 'live'.

11:02 PM  

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