Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off to Boston!

Geez! Done with call, finally (except I start another week in 2 weeks!). But I'll worry about that later; right now I'm just glad to be done. I leave on an early morning flight tomorrow to AACE 2010. And for a nice change this time, I shall be going purely as an attendee, a 'tourist', no presenting research posters. Not that that was a big deal, but it always keeps you on edge and it's hard to relax and concentrate on the meeting when you have this thing hanging over your head. Come to think of it, after having done about 18 posters and 2 oral presentations, this will actually be my very first meeting when I have absolutely nothing to present!!

It'll be nice to meet up with my Mayo colleagues, and some old friends who are based in Boston now. And, if I can find time, I have to hit that Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown!


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