Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 Lectures and Oncall

What a week it's been. Except my weekend isn't over yet- oncall till Wednesday. And on top of that I had 2 lectures to present at meetings. Gave a lecture on thyroid nodules at the Physician Assistants' Society meeting, and did another on intraoperative glucose management at the nursing anesthesia meeting today (I grumble about it, but I'll grudgingly admit that I like giving lectures though I wish it took less time to put together a presentation).
Anyway, a bit of a cheap thrill, but after the lecture this morning, I saw this car in the parking lot of the hotel, and just had to snap a picture.
This was the very first time I came upon the Porsche Panamera in the flesh. This is Porsche's first attempt at a 4-door sports sedan. I've only read about it and seen it on TV, and the styling's been pretty controversial; the longish, bulbous back does seem to give the car strange proportions.
But I agree with the reviews I've been reading about though: pictures don't do the car justice. It looks fugly 2-dimensionally, and it does look a bit better real. Just a bit; now it's just plain ugly, not fugly anymore.
Then again, to it his own; this car is many times more expensive that mine.