Sunday, July 29, 2007

Trip to Lanesboro

It was a beautiful Saturday. Feeling the need to be adventurous, we drove 30 minutes to the town of Lanesboro for a 2 hour canoeing trip. The Root River was just packed full of people, canoeing, kayaking, or just tubing lazily down the river with iceboxes of beer in tow. We ran into a lot of traffic as there were hordes of skimpily-clad sun-worshipping college/high-school age people, half drunk and just gayly babbling away. Others were trying to commit suicide jumping off ropes onto TS' head.
Being kiasu Malaysians (and one honorary Malaysian) we had a bit of a boat race closer to the finishing line. Strangely enough, despite working out in the gym, rowing till my trapezius and lats muscles were going to pop, my boat was inexplicably sluggish.
I suspected something was amiss. And turned around to check on my aft boatmate. And found out why.
She had blown a gasket. The poor dear. But nothing a little evening BBQ couldn't fix. Another casualty of the day: TS lost his ham/turkey sandwich that Kris packed in a ziploc bag. We found out only when another couple behind us made the horrifying discovery of finding the sandwich floating face down in the river. I did hear them say the sandwich looked dry. I wonder if they ate it?