Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy National Day!

Happy National Day.
Wait, you say. Wrong date. Nope. Apparently I'm now an honorary Singaporean.
We had a Red-White party today to celebrate Singapore's National Day, the day they seceded from Malaysia and subsequently accomplished so much that it makes us look bad (just kidding, folks!).
Anyway. Kris was even motivated enough to look up Singapore on Google, and made cookies with the country's flag.

It was great. You can alway tell that it's gonna be a swell party when the cops show up 10 minutes into the party starting.

No kidding. She's a real cop. And those are real handcuffs. Just check out her yellow Tazer. And no, we didn't bribe her. We're Singaporeans, remember?

(I'm not gonna say why she came. We'll see how creative your imaginations can be. My only hint: No, it did not involve gerbils)