Sunday, July 23, 2006

Superman Returns

So I saw Superman Returns late last night with Andrea. Been itching to see that movie since 1990. The trailers and ads on TV only made me feel more like 8-year old Tommy trying to sleep on Chrismas eve. The show's been out for a some days, but Kris gave me that look when I suggested that as a date movie (almost like wanting to watch Transformers) (which, dear readers, apparently is being made into a movie, release date Summer 2007. I hyperventilated like a schoolgirl at a Backstreet Boys concert when I saw the teaser trailer 2 days ago).
But anyway. Superman. Man of steel. Blue tights and a red outerunderwear. Able to fly. See through anything (now, now...). Christopher Reeve was my hero. The theme music still gives me the goose pimples. Especially that part when it climaxes with the trumpets.
Gawd, I wanted to be Superman. My mom even got my brother and I matching caped T-shirts (I got a red Superman shirt, he got the wuss Batman's).

I enjoyed the movie. I was surprised to see that they meant this as a sequel; I had expected this to be a stand-alone movie (then again, Superman RETURNS, duhh). Same theme song. 5 years after where they left off. Apparently, they at one time considered Nicholas Cage to play the Man of Steel. Ole Nick? That's as bad as DiCaprio playing Anakin Skywalker. But in the end, I was pleased by their choice of actors. I read the late Dana Reeve had to OK the actors. This guy actually looked like Reeve, albeit a lot younger. Lois Lane, on the other hand, didn't look like the old actress (Margot Kidder), thankfully. I thought this new one was one hot mama (that's a hint of how the story goes..). The award, however, goes to Kevin Spacey. Unlike Gene Hackman's comedic, mad-brilliant baddie, this guy played a Lex that you really wanted to hate, or hurt. Like inserting a salt-lined unlubricated Foley catheter.

"Honey, do we have any more Metamucil?"

And what would one do with such superpowers? For example, to be able to see through ANYTHING? Never mind, stupid question (I foresee a market for lead-lined women's clothing).

So, go catch the movie. Just don't hold me responsible if you have the impulse to go leaping off skyscrappers clad in red undies and a cape.


Blogger Ah^fee said...

who was batman? haha

2:39 PM  
Blogger caryn said...

ahaha.. weren't u were running around at home, climbing and jumping off the furniture?

i loved transformers as a kid.. loved climbing up the tree we had beside the house.. loved perching on the top bar of the swing.. loved climbing down from the balcony to reach our 'hideout' spot... my goodness, the things u boys influenced me to do..! ;)

hello ah fee..! i'm guessing batman was khoon. hehe.

4:56 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

actually i think batman was kheng. you can go ask him. he had the blue cape.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Greenapple said...

this is a hilarious post. had great fun reading it. =)

9:37 AM  
Blogger win said...

wake up..
i guess u was superman and either king king or kun the batman. ha

7:45 AM  

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