Friday, March 18, 2005

Wham! Out of the blue. Big dump-o-snow. Started snowing last night, but I found out only this morning when I had to struggle to get to work. So far, 16 inches and it's probably going to go into tomorrow. Almost perfect consistency too. Heavy enough to pack into a snowball. Snow like this, feels fluffy when you walk on it. And a perfect snowball, with a well-aimed shot (usually at my sister's head!) goes 'paff' on impact.
Almost broke my back shovelling my walk.
On another note, it was Match Day yesterday. When graduating medical students find out where they go for residency. The Match, a really traumatic process in which people rank their choices after they've been invited to interview and the hospitals rank them according to how highly regarded they are. And on this day, the results of this match are released. Often, partners are separated. Where one goes depends on the match.
This year, to my delight, we get another Malaysian. That would make the 6th Malaysian running, in the internal medicine residency here. And also, a Singaporean. They should be starting in July.
Well, let's hope they have good winter gear!


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