Monday, March 07, 2005

Vancouver, WA, not Vancouver, BC!

Darn it. This trip has been problematic from the start.
Just found out, the stoo-pid travel company issued me a ticket for the wrong city. In fact, the wrong country. One's in Canada, and the other in the USA.
Am due to leave in 3 days for my conference; my abstract was accepted and I'm due to present my paper on marantic endocarditis on Friday. First, problems with ticket prices. Then, with vacation days. Now this. Almost makes me wanna cancel, except that my institution will be paying for a suite for me in that hotel. Jacuzzi and fireplace. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.... darn darn darn.
Have another one coming up in May, New Orleans, to present a different research paper. Hopefully that one will be more uneventful.
By the way, today is heme-onc match day. My housemate TS (mentioned in my article) will be staying on here for hematology/oncology. Heh heh. Another Malaysian gets sucked in.


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