Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Back to work...

It's 2.06am now. There must be a reason why I'm snacking on Lay's Potato Chips and slurping down Kemps Lowfat yogurt.
Yup. Got a case of the munchies. It's been a busy night... I woke up at 6am yesterday, and basically have been on my feet till now, with the exception of Morbidity and Mortality Conference at noon, when I got to rest my tushie and scoff down free food.
Does anyone know if it's a full moon tonight? The ER just went nuts... admission after admission. And I had two interns to supervise.
"Agree with the findings and recommendations of Dr. Intern..."
Been starting notes like that the whole night. My first few notes were legible and actually contained some useful information. My last note, really just some chicken-scratches, could probably be played on the piano.
Looked at the ER admission board. Gen Med 1, full. Gen Med 3, full. CIM (Community Internal Medicine) full. Pulmonary, full. GI, full. The list goes on. Looks like all the services tonight are capped. On a night like this, all the internal medicine teams are cussing about how lazy/stupid ER docs can be (if you are an ER doc... no offence!).
I don't know about the other teams, but our team got some crazies today.
2.14am. Maybe I can catch some sleep before morning report and rounds in a few hours...


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