Saturday, February 19, 2005


Characterized by an episodic, usually unilateral dull, throbbing headache lasting hours to days. Can be precipitated by chocolates, alcohol, and lack of sleep. Other symptoms include phonophobia, photophobia, nausea.
I know that condition well. Lifelong migraine sufferer, my mom and sis have that too. But last night.... dooooh. Dropped family off at the MSP airport (on their way to a nice weekend getaway to NYC, and dumping their prodigal son/brother in Boringsville). My classmates and buddies Tony and Bryan thought that would work out well as they were planning to go to Minneapolis for dinner. Met them, and Michele, Bryan's wife at this hip fusion restaurant that I like (Chino Latino's) on Hennepin. Modern deco with a Bohemian touch. Beautiful people (hey, it was Friday night after all). Haven't had good experiences with fusion restaurants, but this place does a good job. Had some good sushi, a curry dish. And 2 drinks; Heineken and a Bombay. And this led to the MOM.
The MOM, the Mother of all Migraines, is something I experience perhaps once a year. Much, much worse than the regular migraines I get every 2-3 weeks, this one starts as the regular dull throbbing pain but quickly degenerates to a severe steady retroorbital pain that makes you wanna just scoop your eye out just so you can get to the (perceived) source of the pain. And the loud music wasn't making things any better.
In the end, after a nice meal with good company I had to call it a night. They had gotten a hotel room in the city and were planning to spend the night there. Had to excuse myself and cut the night short. Tony and Bryan were planning to hit a pub or strip club (with his pregnant wife's blessings.... these crazy Americans!) and were trying to get me to go. But I knew what would happen if I did. I would cross the TOP (Threshold of Puking) and it would not be from alcohol.
Started driving down to Rochester, thinking that driving isn't really a strenous activity, therefore it shouldn't worsen the headache. But boy, was I wrong. I failed to realize how much concentration driving took. And I forgot how irritatingly bright the other carlights would be. Wanted to pull over and find some cheesy motel to spend the night, but my migraine pills were at home.
5 mins away from home, I started dry heaving. Finally got home and prayed to the porcelain God. Puke puke puke bleeh. And the worse thing is, with retching, it increases intracranial pressure, worsening the migraine. There went an expensive $56 dinner.
At least now, hours later, it's gone.


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Sorry about your migraine, but it was a surprisingly interesting read. Cate

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