Monday, March 14, 2005

They say prayer heals.
Though I don't consider myself a very religious person, I do think I'm pretty spiritual.
Just got word a patient of mine isn't doing too well. 75 year old male with renal failure on intermittent hemodialysis, admitted for abdominal pain. Found to have a loculated peritoneal effusion with spontaneous polymicrobial bacterial peritonitis. The general surgeons felt he was too sick to undergo surgery. So, we had interventional radiology place 2 drains into the peritoneal space to drain the infected fluid. Broad-spectrum antibiotics.
He progressively declined. Today, his pressures dropped to 68/35 despite fluid resuscitation. Had to send him to the MICU. Last I heard, he's developing a small bowel obstruction.
I spoke to his wife before I transferred him. Told her his prognosis is grim. And should he code, we would never bring him back to a quality of life he'd appreciate. I suggested she think about changing his status to DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).
So, tonight, I'd like to say a prayer for him, and his family.