Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pretty blurr now.
Really dislike this postcall fog that I get. Came back at 1pm, tried to sleep, but woke up at 3pm. Kinda feels like a mix between being drunk (minus the high) and being jetlagged. Tired, so tired, but yet can't sleep.
There was this study published by the Harvard guys in the New England Journal of Medicine. Increased rates of motor vehicle accidents in housestaff after a long shift. Kinda no-brainer, but it's interesting because that's generated concern here. Our program has graciously offered to pay a cab to drive any of us back if we're too tired to drive postcall. I suppose this has legal implications if anyone gets into an MVA postcall. But, boy-o-boy... I wonder how the patients feel if they find out that the doctor stabbing that 10cm long needle into their back has been awake for 30 hours? We've all been in that situation. I had to do a lumbar puncture at the very end of my 30 hour shift.
Will be leaving for Washington tomorrow morning. That should give me some time to rest. 3 days off for my conference, yaayy! And best of all, thanks to my generous travel allowance I'm getting a suite in a nice lodge there. Hoping to do some travelling if I have the time. Will be presenting my paper on Friday, so I should have some time to check out the place Thursday. Have always wanted to see Mt. St. Helens.


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