Sunday, March 02, 2014

Jeff Dunham!

As a rare treat to ourselves, Kris and I got a sitter and went for the Jeff Dunham show- Disorderly Conduct. If you don't know, he's the ventriloquist famous for characters like a dead terrorist, redneck, and grumpy old man. Basically, not the kind of performance you'd come to expect from a ventriloquist.
I heard about him way back during my fellowship years, as one of my attendings was in love with Achmed. But only in the last 3 years, when we happened to stumble upon him on the Comedy Channel, did we actually learn to appreciate his humor.
And so months ago, when we found out he was coming to our city, we jumped. Booked the tickets without any hesitation; this would have been my first ever 'concert', by the way.

The show was about 2 hours. Had most of his usual characters, with a new guy. But obviously, the favorite and his opening was Achmed, the dead terrorist.
It was a 2-hour session of gut-wrenching humor, which he somewhat personalized for the Midwest. At times though, it did feel like a sales promotion, with how he was hawking his products, but it was a great show nonetheless. And he seemed pretty down to earth- I didn't feel like our ticket money was going to some spoilt young brat who's doing drugs and egging his neighbors' homes. And though the hall was huge and he was tiny from where we were sitting, it was also projected to the large screen- so it was still nice to be able to see him perform "in the flesh".
Whatever flesh his puppets are made of.
P.S: He's headed to Malaysia and Singapore next month! So catch him if you can!