Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 More Days!

3 more days to Chinese New Year.
While the excitement is palpable in Malaysia and perhaps even in social media, admittedly it's not much celebrated here.
However, I take pleasure in wishing my Asian patients "Happy New Year"; apparently the cultures overlap much amongst groups- my Vietnamese and Filipino patients tell me they celebrate the same festival, too.
And so this weekend, we're getting together some people for our own CNY do.
And, funnily enough, something I've taken for granted growing up- I actually PAID money to download Chinese New Year songs from Amazon.
Yea, me. Dr. Banana- someone who can't speak a word of Mandarin, who can't understand the words of the songs. However, someone who still finds great comfort hearing those mildly irritating, upbeat songs sung by kids.
We also have our CNY wall hangings ready to be put up. And a stack of (very old) ang pows to fill.
By this time back home, we'd be getting our new year clothes out, and ready to be worn for Day 1. And my brothers and I would be excitedly dividing up our stash of fireworks, to be used on the first night.
Oh, the excitement.
What about you? How are YOU preparing for CNY?