Friday, June 28, 2013

Congratulations, Sis!

End of June.
End of the fiscal year. And for those of us in medical education, end of the academic year. For some, it's promotion into a more senior year of medical school. Or no longer being an intern, but an R2. Or perhaps advancing from being a 'resident' to a 'fellow'.
It's the changing of the guards in the hospitals nationwide; for Monday comes a fresh set of greenhorns (note to self- avoid getting sick in the next few weeks).
I'm particularly proud that my sister completed her final day of fellowship today. Almost a decade ago, she decided to leave Malaysia to pursue her medical studies in North America. After getting her medical degree, she moved on to train in internal medicine and then palliative medicine at two of the top hospitals in the country.
Slogging on thousands of miles away from family, and from her significant other.
Now, after 5 years of medical school and 4 years of postgraduate medical specialty training, she is done.
She finally gets to go home for good. To start a new career, and a new life with her fiance in Malaysia. And my parents finally get their 'baby' girl back with them again. Though part of me is saddened to think that my sister will no longer be living in the same continent as I am, I am nonetheless happy and excited for her.
She has done our family and friends proud. And someday I am sure she will be a huge asset to Malaysia.
Congratulations, sis!