Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

This year it's gonna be more fun. Allison's old enough to kinda understand what Father's Day is.
After having been a dad for 3 years, you realize how much work (and money!) it is to be a parent. I'm perpetually exhausted; I don't sleep long anymore. I've aged significantly, numerically and physically, in the last few years. I've lost most of my hair, beating even my dad (in that picture, circa ~1980) so far. I worry- about boring things like life and disability insurance, college savings funds, school systems, and the general state of the world.
Yet, despite all the work, it's a blissfully magical thing to have your princesses give you hugs and kisses. To have a crappy day at work but to come home and have your kids make you feel like you're truly the king of the house.
Happy Father's Day, to all the dads out there.
To mine, and also (wherever he may be) HIS dad.
(that's dad holding me and my older brother)
(me as a newborn in my Ah Kong's arms. Damn I had a lot of hair then)