Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Allison!

It's surreal how time flies.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was seeing my 8AM prolactinoma patient; a 20-something year old woman who presented with amenorrhea and breast discharge. I got a phonecall from my wife shortly into the consultation, but I cautioned my patient that my wife is pregnant and I'd have to take all calls, and she graciously understood.
When Kristin said she was 3 cm, I jumped. Quickly wrapped up the visit while my nurse informed the reception to start cancelling/rescheduling my appointments for the rest of the day. I rushed home, grabbed my gear, and took off for the 2-hour drive. Kristin was doing a clinical attachment in a neighboring hospital (we didn't think she would come 3 weeks early).
By the time I got there, she was 8 cm and almost ready to go. And to my horror I realized that being the moron that I was, I forgot the camera. The contractions distracted my wife enough to not say what she was thinking: that I was the biggest idiot in the world. Thankfully, I was able to borrow one from one of her colleagues. And then sometime midafternoon, came the 5 lbs 13 oz that came to be Allison.
Seems like it was just a blink of the eye, and today (well, we had the party yesterday) she turned 3.
3 years of energy/hugs/kisses/michievous laughs wrapped up into a firecracker. It's true they say- the kids grow up before you know it. Though in part I think it's a human mental defensive mechanism- you block out those times when you were exhausted or ready to scream to prevent PTSD. And so you're left with a sensation that time is going by faster than Warp 9.
I think Alli had a blast. I know we did. We organized a small party for her and some of her friends. She's into Hello Kitty, so we got all kinds of Hello Kitty things. Family and friends showered her with gifts, but much more so, made her feel so loved and special.
Happy 3rd Birthday Allison.
With much love, Mom, Dad and Ava


Blogger suanie said...

She's beautiful and I'm enjoying watching her progress via FB :D Happy birthday!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Tsu Lin + + said...

Happy birthday Alison! She shares the same birthday as my daughter, but 2 years apart. That's sweet!

7:32 AM  
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