Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cathay Pacific Magic!

So, we've begun looking at flight options for our next trip to Malaysia, November this year. This is the longest since I've last been back- I try to make a trip every year, but with 2 kids, this quickly becomes impossible.
But with my kid sister (finally) getting married, this is a trip we're all looking forward to. And so, one of the airlines we're looking at is Cathay. I've flown them in the past and I've been satisfied, and this time the route seems to be more straightforward for us.
But I had to gag when I saw the increase in fares since our last trip.
But here's the magic trick. If you search for flights using the website, you get a quote of $6843 for our family of four.
And then, I noticed a link for 'Offers and Promotions' on their website, and put in the same parameters.
And voila! With special offers, the same itinerary magically goes from $6843 to $21,502! You gotta love the discount!
Sigh. Whatever airline we end up taking, this isn't going to be cheap now that we're a family of 4. And the thought of flying 20+ hours with two (probably screaming) kids is filling me with dread. Now I know why mom and dad hardly flew with us anywhere. They just put us in Fedex boxes with a flashlight and sandwich, and shipped us where we had to go.
And so, if any of you Cathay reps/PR people out there are wanting to reward me for finding this fault on your website, I'd gladly accept discounted business class tickets.