Thursday, December 20, 2012


So, they say the world ends tomorrow. Winter solstice.
Apparently the Mayans predicted it (if you ask me, it's some paranoid's interpretation of things. Just because their calender stops on that date? Maybe they just ran out of stone) eons ago.
So, though it's a blizzard of snow and wind out there right now, come 12/21/12 the sky will rain down fireballs and molten lava will erupt from the ground. Which is nice since that'll mean I won't have to shovel that 10 inches (and building) of white stuff on my driveway.
Also, that would mean I won't have to go to work tomorrow. Nor will I have to spend time and money on Christmas presents this year.
The question is, when exactly will it happen? Malaysian time? US Central time? If it was the former, it'll mean that you guys over there will self destruct in about 30 mins. Sucks to be you, but I'll see you on the other side when it's my turn fighting smileys.
You'd think that the intelligent man won't take it seriously. But I read an article the other day about how this Nebraskan company was making a killing building personal backyard bunkers this year for those who want to tough it out underground. Even Costco is selling dehydrated 2-year food supplies, "shipped discreetly" probably so that your neighbors won't know you're crazy. Me, if the world's gonna turn into a mush, I don't want to spend a year living in a hole, then to run out of food and to have to decide who amongst you to eat. Give me front row seats. I'd hold my family close, say some prayers, and then vaporize.
It's an interesting exercise though. If they world does end, what would you have done differently about your life?
Me, it's probably to have spent less time at work, and more with family. My family here, but also my family in Malaysia. I wish situations would have allowed me to see them more than I do, for my parents to be able to hold their granddaughters more frequently. For me to have been able to see and hug and laugh with my childhood buddies (yes, that includes you, Al).
Of course, being a doctor, the implication of saying I wish I spent less time at work is that I'm saying I wish I spent less time with my patients. While I (usually) enjoy my work and interactions with them, it's does consume a lot. And a surgeon friend once said (obviously more applicable to them than an endo): A doctor saves lives by sacrificing theirs. And so, yes, I wish I spent less time at work.
Well, Happy Doomsday, guys. See you on the other side. But if the world doesn't in fact end, then I'm in deep shit with my Christmas presents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the world going to end today in Malaysia.. the sun is up, birds are chirping, blue skies.. it's gonna be a hot day again..sigh
A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones.

6:46 PM  
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