Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Crossed Lines

I realized the other day how crossed some lines can be.
I was rounding on some patients on the renal floor, and was talking to a couple of nurses about their patients, getting status updates, things like that. And then I realized that for Mrs. C, the cortisol test I ordered was still pending. It's a test that usually takes no more than a couple of hours, but the nurse wasn't sure why the results weren't back yet. I was in somewhat of a hurry to get to Hospital B where I had another 12 patients to see. And so I said to her nurse, a pretty young nurse in her mid-20s:
"Can I give you my cellphone number?"
At which she gave a half-giggle, and gave me a weird look.
"Errm. I guess so", and proceeds to take out a piece of paper and her pen somewhat hesitantly.
I thought it was the strangest response. Until her colleague asks:
"Is there something you want us to call you with?"
I told them I wanted the test results called in once it came back on the computer. And only after the both of them burst out laughing did I realize that they thought I was trying to pick her up. Bwahaha. scuba diving in menorca
At least my wife thinks I still got 'it' since she was willing to take my phone number!


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