Thursday, October 20, 2011

Then and Now

I just had to take a photo of this sign I saw in the hospital. I just had to shake my head; this was a notice to nurses to sign Thank You cards to give to patients. While this might be a nice gesture, I caught myself thinking, Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
I'm going to make myself sound old saying this, but it did make me ponder about how things have changed in our world.
  • Then: Patients used to send Thank You cards to the doctors and nurses.
  • Now: We are sending Thank You cards to the patients to thank them for picking our hospital
  • Then: If you are injured, you seek the help of a medical team.
  • Now: I have to listen to this damn radio advertisement every morning when I drive to work: "If you are injured, you need the services of an experienced lawyer. Call XXX"
  • Then: The doctor would pick the best medical treatment for the patient.
  • Now: You list out every single option, the pros and cons, and the patient decides.
  • Then: You make a clinical diagnosis based on a good history and the lost art of the physical examination.
  • Now: CT abdomen with IV and oral contrast.
  • Then: If I felt that a patient could not afford medical care, I'd underbill that patient and not think twice about it.
  • Now: I'd get a formal reprimand from the directors as this might be deemed a case of discrimination, and we might get sued for giving special treatment to a patient over others.
  • Then: Re@der's Digest magazines were actually filled with good stories, inspirational tales, and fictional writings.
  • Now: It's drug ad after drug ad after drug ad (the reason I cancelled my subscription, after been a faithful reader since I was 7). It's the same crap on TV too, and I imagine the parents blush when a Viagra ad pops up during family TV time.
Changes for the better, or worse? You be the judge.


Anonymous esther said...

haha. Totally agree with the CT contrast and Reader's Digest!!

6:05 AM  

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