Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later

10 years.
It still seems all too surreal, 9/11/01.
What many consider to be the darkest day for mankind in this generation.
On one horrific day, nearly 3000 lives were lost. Countless others scarred and changed forever.
People of all walks of life. All skin colors, religions, political ideology, ages.
I can never fathom how one can plan such a horrible event; I can never understand how one can ever justify killing, let alone that many people. For what? Their beliefs? Revenge?

In some ways, I try to switch off the TV as it shows the many reminders. The haunting video of that United Airlines 175 and AA flight 11 crashing into the towers. I've seen it so many times over the years that it's seared into my brain forever, and I don't need more TV reminders of it. Yet, part of me feels a sense of duty to remember that day, every horrifying event, to remember and respect those who were lost.

They say there are moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. I remember what I was doing when I first heard. I was at Al's apartment in KL- I was teaching in IMU then and was renting a room from him. It was nightime, and I had just taken a shower. I heard him yell, and then call a friend. "Sell your stocks! Someone just attacked the US (in his typical fashion)". I remember being glued onto the TV, and then calling my (then) girlfriend who was in North America to ensure she was OK. I remember going to work the next day, in a daze and shock, that such an attack had occurred, and thinking that the world is forever changed. That such evil, actually existed. I remember the anger and disgust I felt, when I heard numerous people at IMU actually say, "They deserved it..." (the irony, this was supposed to be a MEDICAL SCHOOL, teaching about health!).

10 years after that fateful day. May the world never forget. May we learn to be stronger from it. To be kinder to each other. To be a better people, never mind our race or religion.


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