Thursday, August 25, 2011

Corndogs, Fried Snickers Bars and BO!

Yup, talking about the state fair. We were there over the weekend; Alli's 2nd (she was 2 months old when we went last year. As usual the crowds were crazy, over a million attendees in the week and the half. Coming from Malaysia, this is always a cultural shock. Deep fried everything, with every imaginable foodstuff sold on a stick. Crowds and crowds of sweaty people wearing wifebeaters, with the occasional whiff of musky body odor.

We discovered too, like her father, Allison loves corndogs. And this is her, posing with a pumpkin, a PUMPKIN, 50 times her weight!

Aside from the usual deep fried candy bars, this year someone came up with the idea of deep-fried butter. I kid you not. And people wonder why obesity is on the rise.

Not that I should be so judgmental; we had the deep fried Oreos, and they were pretty interesting. And I had 2 foot-long corndogs!

Someone please pass the Lipitor.