Friday, May 13, 2011

Congratulations, Class of 2011

Today was the last day of medical school for my MS4s (and all the other medstudents in North America, too).

The very last day of their lives as a medical student, or clinical clerk, whatever they call it. They were euphoric, almost to the point of being manic, on rounds today.

For good reason I guess. They survived the first of many gruelling chapters (and though many of us thought that medschool was the tough part, bwahaha, you realize it's a cakewalk compared to what's to come).

But being cheeky, Jeff, one of my students asked:

"So Dr. V, how are you going to manage rounds without us?"

Thinking perhaps, that because they preround on my patients they make rounds a lot shorter. I almost felt guilty popping his bubble when I told him that rounds without any medical students or residents are at least 50% quicker.

I ask the relevant questions. Examine what's necessary. Write the orders. Off I go.

So, while it's intellectually stimulating and perhaps fun having a troop of students on rounds and going over topics on the fly, like adrenal incidentalomas, or DKA management, it's true that medstudents NEVER help make rounds speedier.

I reminded Jeff of the 11th Law of the House of God: (if you haven't already, go read the book)

"Show me a medical student who only triples my work and I will kiss his feet.."

To all the 4th years/almost-doctors out there: Congratulations, and Good luck in your residency!


Anonymous bayu said...

wow, a cakewalk? i wish... Please write some more..i'm dying to know the insides of being a doctor.

btw, congratz!

6:05 AM  
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