Friday, November 05, 2010

It Works! (Kinda)

I wasn't expecting this (anymore) but here it is: So I got a cheque from Google Adsense! Excited as I was, it was more that I received something from Google, rather than the actual sum.
I added Adsense to my blog, oh, 4-5 years ago? Never heard a thing about it, never got any follow up. And so, like the many hoaxes/conjobs out there I thought the getting-paid-for-advertising thing was too good to be true.
Except, sending this to me 5 years later, and to the wrong address (my old address- but still ended up with my sister who forwarded it to me), is a bit ridiculous. And truth be told, at this point I'd rather not have those irritating ads on my blog. Except it's been so long, I don't remember my username and password and so I can't rectify the mailing address, or even delete it. They claim to not even have my email when I clicked on the 'forgot my password' link. And my email to Google asking to cancel my Adsense went unanswered.
Oh well. Thanks, Google!


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