Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things that make me mad

The next time someone tells me some alternative 'doctor' quack can cure a person of their diabetes and rid them of their medications ought to see the patient in the medical ICU on the verge of death and in refractory DKA (despite being on 15 units/hour of insulin!) because she has the misfortune of believing this guy.
Was on 80 units daily, and then she just stopped everything. Relying only on a combination of acupuncture and natural supplements.
Whoever he is, I hope he has a good lawyer...
I hope she makes it. For her husband and 2 kids. For herself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it everyone is looking for someone else to blame. I feel really sorry for this woman who is now in DKA but surely she should have been educated to the risks of stopping her insulin. Also, she made a choice to do that to herself, she is just as much to be blamed as the 'quack' that told her to stop her meds and rely on alternative therapy. This is typical of the culture we live in, if something goes wrong, find someone to blame! Just don't take responsibility for it yourself!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous huajern said...

I am sorry, but my sympathy has dried up to a trickle for patients 'who should know better'. I will still try my best to get them out of trouble, but don't expect kind understanding etc. Maybe it is the repeated exposures to sheer stupidity.......sighed.
And I fantasize of unspeakable things happening to the quacks as well.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous dhssraj said...

agree, there has to be some personal account of medical decisions in this day and age..

2:47 AM  
Anonymous htss said...

unfortunately... eventhough its too good to be true... some folks refuses to believe that its just too good to be true... no matter how medically educated they are on the risks of stopping their insulin / medication

my neighbour went for a 'bomoh' that did some cleansing procedure on his kidneys and apparently he's cured of his T2 now... right... except for the fact that he's still running very high sugar levels and that he is losing weight drastically... as a concerned neighbour that is a diabetic too... i did my part but when someone doesn't want to listen... that's not much you can do

12:23 AM  

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