Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Bloated

While it's great to be back, one thing I definitely don't miss, is the perpetually bloated feeling. You know, the feeling like you're stuff to the point of needing to throw up, and yet something inexplicably makes your dominant arm reach out for yet another piece of New Year cookie.
No, I'm certain it's got nothing to do with the fact that I've been having 4-5 double-helping meals a day. Or the numerous snacks in-between. Or the lack of self-control.
It's probably just something to do with the Malaysian heat, or the humidity, or possibly the heavily polluted air.
But yea, I feel stuffed. I feel like a pig (but, oh is this pig in bliss...). I can't see that semblance of a six-pack anymore. My hard-earned biceps and triceps have lost their tone. In a way, it's probably good for my health that I'm only back for a couple of weeks; at least in the US I can try to stay in shape (my wife would disagree, but round IS a shape). Here I think I lose all control. Thankfully.

And yet, maybe I've been away too long, it's still surprising to me how Asians have such lower BMIs. I don't think we eat particularly healthy, but yet, compared to the average Midwesterner, the skinny girls here almost look anorexic. I suppose it's got a lot to do with what we eat; I don't think Asians have really fallen for the fastfood epidemic as much as the West (though our average life-expectancy is still far below that of the USA).

But for now, ah, let's not get too technical. I have another 8 days to eat. Let's eat.


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