Monday, February 08, 2010

Going Home

It's interesting how despite having been away 12 years I still refer to Malaysia as home. Despite the fact that our house is here. My wife, and soon to be daughter. Home will always be home, I guess, and my wife doesn't take it the wrong way when I call Malaysia that.
Yes, weather permitting (it's a freakin' snowstorm out there, KNNCCB!) I should start my long journey home in 16 hours. A long 20+ hour flight (not including the 16+ hour layovers), though sad to say I'm looking forward to the business class seats as much as the visit itself (no, I could never have afforded it; I had enough miles for a one-way business class upgrade).
In my mind, I've already started the usual, listing down the friends I want to see, the foods I want to stuff myself with, the places I want to visit. And this will be the first Chinese New Year I'll be celebrating there in many years.
And as always, once I arrive, the mental countdown clock begins, of the remaining days before I leave again.
Will be travelling without Kristin this time, which makes me seem like a bastard leaving my pregnant wife alone for Valentine's Day! (but we celebrated tonight, if that's any consolation). Kristin is fearful that I'm going to marry 3-4 Malaysian wives and will never be coming back to the States. But no, how could I? I ask her; my cars are here!war smileys

Malaysia, see you soon!
And for those of who are interested, I'll be giving the usual talk (Applying for a Residency, Part 4) at IMU on Feb 22nd. For details ask Aznah of Student Affairs.


Anonymous mayan said...

kristin isn't coming???

5:12 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

nope, she doesn't get enough time off.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome home, selamat pulang...

6:53 AM  
Anonymous mayan said...

that's a shame... so how? singapore? don't think we'll be going to kl, traffic will be a bit of a pain i expect!

11:32 PM  

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