Saturday, January 16, 2010


We dictate our hospital consults, which is then transcribed by a medical transcriptionist for us to sign digitally. Though these aren't as funny as the ones you read elsewhere, here are my collection of medical typos in the last year.
  • The patient was found to have a surprised TSH- suppressed
  • Suggest I131 radioactive ion ablation- iodine
  • The city coloring sticks of the mass suggests this to be a benign adenoma- CT characteristics
  • Most likely to be postsurgical central diabetes mellitus ancipitious- diabetes insipidus
  • Given the context in which the labs were found, I suspect this to be thick euwthyroid syndrome- sick euthyroid syndrome
  • He had decreased breast sounds in the right base- breath
  • The parathyroid sister's needy- parathyroid sestamibi

But I think the one that takes the cake was the physician whose dictation ended up with the patient being sent home with homo two (home O2).


Blogger edina monsoon said...

hahhahaha:) I like the sestamibi typo the best.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous mumbler said...

i find it very odd but funny how you guys dictate your summaries. i mean here in Sg we just type it out, which is of course what a houseman is paid to do, rather than someone that hasn't got a "Dr" in front of his name. lol.

Congrats on the baby! =)

8:07 AM  

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