Saturday, December 05, 2009

See You Later, Claudia!

With a heavy heart, we put Claudia in storage for the season. With the first snow having fallen, this was probably time. I used the car through winter last year, and I have to say even with Blizzaks and 100 lbs of added trunk weight for more traction on the rear tires, there were a few days I couldn't drive the car. And so this year we decided to leave the car in the garage for the winter (which is what most Porsche drivers do I believe- to spare the car from the road gravel and salt). To avoid the battery draining, I got a battery maintainer which you leave plugged in to the car's outlet (you gotta love Ebay. Got original Porsche parts at a bargain).
Anyway, some tips I found online on how to store the car for the winter:

  1. Replace all fluids
  2. Top up the gas tank; prevents condensation and corrosion of the tank
  3. Overfill the tires. They say go up to 40 psi, to prevent flat spots on the tires. That, or you can jack up the car for storage
  4. Remove the battery and connect to a maintainer (or use one of those you plug directly into the cigarette lighter)
  5. Plug up the exhaust; apparently mice like to hole up in nice, dark places in the garage!
  6. When you're all set, give the car a good wash. Sounds counterintuitive to wash the car for storage, but this cleans off whatever dirt, sap and salt and avoids corrosion of the car's finish
  7. Call your car insurance; you can suspend your coverage and save a bundle, since you won't be driving the car for a few months (but still retain basic coverage for fire. theft etc)

Hopefully this works, and the car isn't dead by Spring! Will probably still be starting the engine every week or so, just to let the fluids flow a bit. See you in Spring, Claudia!


Blogger Saiful said...

What Porsche parts have you got on ebay? I'm curious to know. This week, I managed to get 35.3mpg. Not bad.

3:46 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

it's a battery maintainer, to prevent the battery from discharging in the winter

10:31 PM  

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