Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Giving this mobile blogging thing a try. Yosemite was simply magnificent; the giant sequiaos against the granite mountain backdrop- just breathtaking. However... If you have a thing with heights, try driving a wobbly rental Yaris on a narrow road along the cliffs and you will discover that your cremasteric muscles possess strengths you never knew they had.
Staying in this decent hotel, but we found this mom & pop bed and breakfast by accident, and we really wished we knew about this sooner as we would have stayed here in a heartbeat. The locale was excellent, the rates were better than our hotel, buffet breakfast was included. And, we were kinda miffed to find out that our hotel was trying to buy out this mom and pop property (but they wouldn't sell) so they decided to literally build around it. Anyway, this was a very charming property with new rooms, magnificent views of the Merced river. So, if anyone's ever thinking about looking for a place to stay at Yosemite, this is just a mile away from the west entrance of the park: The Yosemite Blue Butterly Inn
Tel: (209) 379-2100, email yosbbinn@att.net
Anyway, we're off to the wine country for some indiscretions before heading to San Francisco. Updates soon.


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