Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Being Professional

Being a doctor requires a person to sometimes have God-like traits sometimes. One includes one to not be judgmental. I was involved in on and for obvious legal repercussions will be vague.
I was asked to care for a patient who was involved in the manslaughter of a person.
Though I believe I acted professionally and provided the best medical care possible, deep inside me, I couldn't help but feel bitter for the family who lost a loved one over the weekend because of this patient's inactions, and also ironically for this patient's family itself who has to now forever live with the scars and the social stigma. I felt for the victim, who was almost my age, who had a family to support, whose family was now left with their hearts ripped out. I thought about my wife, my parents, my siblings, and how it would be if something had happened to be because of someone else.
As a doctor, you bite your tongue and try your darnest to not let any actions show your personal opinions as you talk to the patient and ask about their medical history and perform the physical exam. And as you examine the patient, you realize that you are touching the hands that caused the death of another human being just hours ago.
And so, I did the best I could, as a doctor treating his patient. As professionally as I could. God help me.


Blogger hcpen said...

Hi there,came over from a link from the blog absolut's so hilarious how so many ppl at your chat bar are asking you for immigration advice, medical advice,etc...hahaha..i used to get that alot too about the immigration advice thingy (for Australia) and its frankly quite annoying..anyways, nice to see a malaysian doctor's blog in america..btw, ur house and backyard looks HUGE..i was so that even normal for american homes? its even bigger the lawn compared to the big bungalow homes i've been to in Penang, Malaysia..haha..

11:17 AM  
Anonymous gina said...

All the more reason we salute you doctors for practising indifference and professionalism.

5:11 AM  
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