Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The wife and I went for a date (translation: the wife dragged me to watch a girlie movie with her).
My Sister's Keeper.
It was actually a pretty good show. Never mind that I was the only set of testicles in the theater. I kid you not- everyone else there was female. Also, never mind that we paid 20 bucks to suffer; my wife (along with the other women in there) bawled her eyes out. And strangely enough, I suffered from minor 'eye irritation' too. Her eyes were so swollen from the crying that she wore my cap when we went grocery shopping after the show, just to hide them.
I have to say I enjoyed the show immensely. But on a serious note, it did make me reflect on some of the experiences I've been a part of. I thought about my dad's battle with cancer. I thought about Buddy's reaction to chemo, how he was literally throwing up buckets, like that scene of Kate puking from the chemotherapy. I thought about the patients, and their families, when they were faced with a terminal diagnosis. I even thought about that one patient when I was a resident, Mr. A, and how he kept wanting to 'have surgery' thinking it would cure his endstage metastatic pancreatic cancer, like how Cameron Diaz's character was in denial. I think the characters in the show played their parts well, real enough that it got you putting yourself in their shoes.
This one goes out to the gallant cancer fighters out there; those who have lost, or won their battles, those who have yet to know the outcome- God bless you all for the courage, grace and faith you have shown to the rest of us.


Blogger pavlova said...

oh man.. i feel for you...
i read the book and cried like shit as well :P

at least it comforts me to know that the movie does it justice :)

2:47 AM  
Anonymous karen said...

Watching such movies will somehow remind us to be human and feel for those who suffer - the patients and their loved ones. Watching a loved one slipping away torments your soul and breaks your heart. At least you are one doc who is not cold hearted. Some doctors have become so "immuned" that they appear cold.

10:45 AM  

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