Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates, dear readers.
I've really slacked off the last couple of months. I've pondered over this for some time to figure out why.
Partially because work has been busy, and I'm just so dang tired and braindead when I get back.
Partially because now that I'm settling in to practice in a non-academic institution, perhaps the acuity and complexity of the problems I see is different compared to those during residency. I noticed this when I went way back to my 2004 posts, and realized things were a lot more exciting then.
Partially because (sad to say) between my work and Kristin's studies (she's putting work on standby as she pursues her Masters) our life really is pretty boring and not half as exciting as some of you may think.
Partially because I'm getting old(er) and my brain is getting mushy and less creative.
But, interesting happenings over the week:
My dad, sister, and sister-in-law were admitted for dengue fever. Had me worried for a while, but thankfully they've all been discharged from the hospital. I so hate the feeling of being so far away and helpless when family falls ill.
My family's getting ready to invade our home here! My sis and mom arrives in 27 days, while dad, older brother +his wife +2 kids get here sometime in January. It'll be swell to see them again, and more so to host them in our new home. Our home kinda lacks family right now (Kristin's folks don't get to come often), so having them here will warm the place up.
And oh ya, Lewis Hamilton won the championship!! Did anyone else watch the race today?? The way he took 5th place on the very last lap of the last race to win the championship. Brilliant! Though I wasn't sure if Glock intentionally let him overtake. Nonetheless, it was a good race.
I'll get my butt in gear and post more interesting updates, I promise.