Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our weekend project

Ah, the joys of home ownership:
The neverending chores and projects.
And because our house looked duller than 5 year old faded jeans, we decided to spruce things up a bit. And decided to do some landscaping on the small island of lawn beside the front door.
After about 8 hours of backbreaking labor between Saturday and Sunday, 3 trips to the garden store, generous use of expletives, and about $350, I think we're pretty happy with the results. It was only a small project, and inevitably we'll have more landscaping to do. We're thinking of a stone wall, serving as a planting site for some bushes just under the dining room window out front. And someday, probably next year after we've budgeted some cash for it, to fence up the backyard, add a stone patio and a small firepit. Not that we're both pyromaniacs, but we do love the smell and sound of a campfire.