Monday, September 01, 2008

First call

I saw this while rounding on patients the other day.
I thought it was pretty funny to have Endocrinology, the cardiac cath lab, the Wellness Center (gym) and the Golden Arches to be on the same list in the elevators.
Ironic, or perhaps job security?
I just wrapped up my first week of call today. While I can't say it was horrid, it was more than I had mentally prepared myself for. I had thought that days of call was over after fellowship, but no. Not only did I have to cover my hospital, I was oncall for 4 hospitals! That meant frequently driving around between hospitals to see patients, and learning the system for different hospitals. I almost had a breakdown Thursday when I was tired and hungry and was dictating a long note on my last consult at 8 pm (started work 730 am that day), only to hit 5 on the phone out of habit (5 was the 'dictation pause' button for the other hospital) only to find out in this hospital, it was the 'end dictation' button. I was promptly disconnected. Frantic, I had to call the operator to speak to the transcriptionists who were very understanding, and promised to merge my dictations.
All week I was on edge, kinda like you're having an anxiety attack, with that tinge of chest tightness, anticipating the pager to go off.
I'm just glad the week's over. It's back to clinic for the next 6 weeks, until I'm oncall again next.


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