Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I passed!

By some cosmic fluke/mess-up in the marking, I passed!
Yes, my harrowing endocrinology board exams!!
Yessirree. Yours truly is now a board-eligiblecertified endocrinologist. Never mind that I have another 6 months of fellowship (I don't have to complete my remaining months to practice since we have an extra clinical year).
Never have I been so fearful of failing. Of leaving an exam hall with a certainty that I didn't pass. In fact, I still have my rolled up post-it notes stuck in my car trunk, ready to mount on my wall again should I find out I have to retake the exams. Then again, all my life, I've felt like failing the exams I did well in, so in retrospect my feeling of impending doom was probably a good prognosticator.
I got through. So did the rest of my classmates. Historically, this 10.5 hour/US$1650 exam has a passing rate of 89%, though I've been told our graduates have yet to fail (this wasn't a consolation to me: you'd hate to be the first though).
Now, I can sit back and relax, and try to enjoy the remaining months of my fellowship. Phew!