Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, a public holiday in the USA. Something about celebrating the pilgrims discovering turkey stuffing. Anyway, Kris and I took Friday off, and spent a long weekend with her family in Milwaukee.
It's interesting, hanging out with future in-laws. The word in-laws haven't scared me yet, strangely enough. I'm sure it's got something to do with how warm and welcoming they have been. As my dad told me over the phone last week, they're going to be my family in this continent.
But anyways. They graciously invited me to join their family tradition. Seems the Olsens have this tradition of making gingerbread houses, along with one of their neighbours. And they've made it an initiation for anyone wanting to join the family. One of their daughter's then-fiance was one of the victims lucky ones last year. And this year, me. It's pretty interesting for a Malaysian boy to experience, I must say. Something you read about in those Enid Blyton books or hear about in songs, yet something my mind has never been able to fathom totally. You know gingerbread was involved (but what exactly is gingerbread?) and you know you're supposed to make houses (but how?).

So, this was a real learning experience for me. And all the while, my future in-laws and their friends tried to be nice and encouraging.
Oh, that's creative. That's one thing about Americans. They always find something nice to say to you. My Malaysian friends, we'd be like, What the ^%#@ are you making????
Though I would not openly admit this to my buddies at the gym, I actually had a ton of fun. Reminded me of my Lego days, when your creative juices overflowed and you had the power to build anything you wanted.

And so, my end product I proudly display:
Erm, no. Actually my creation is that pitiful looking shack on the lower left corner. Though, ugly as it was, it tasted pretty good; by the time we left for a movie that night the roof, half the fencing, windows and even Santa (on a chimney. Go check it out!) had disappeared. I hear it was a killer tornado.

We also met up with some dear friends from Rochester, and did some window shopping. The malls were already decorated for Christmas. I'll have to start writing my wish-list up for Santa soon.
Then again, I already got what I wished for. What more can a man ask for?
I look blur, don't I? Still not into PDA I guess. (Malu mar...)