Sunday, November 11, 2007

It was Kris' best friend's birthday the other day. So, we went to celebrate with them in a town a few hours away.
Hence my first and probably most unforgettable experience of a smalltown bar.
As we pulled up the bar in the middle of nowhere, there were trucks parked outside. Some of them had dead deer strapped to the back (I kid you not). That was a warning of what was to come.
We walk in, and it's like, suddenly the music stops and everyone turns and looks at me, the only Asian in the room (not that anyone was unfriendly or anything, but I did feel like I had a 3 inch zit on my forehead).
Half the people in there were dressed in camouflage gear from their hunting that day. And all the men sported more facial hair than the iceman on steroids.
And to top it up, there was karaoke in the bar, but nothing like I've ever seen before. There were some folks belting out strange songs like 'Will you please play with my ding-a-ling'.
It was like a scene out of some 1980's hicktown B-grade chainsaw horror movie. The only thing missing from the picture was the woman with D-cups in see-thru tanktops who inevitable get eaten by the monster alligators when she goes skinny-dipping.
It was hilarious.


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