Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Santa:
I've been a really good boy this year. I've done the dishes and laundry. I brush my teeth at least twice a day, wash my butt after I'm done pooping. I do (almost) everything Kristin tells me to. So, I hope you'll remember that when you come down my chimney this Christmas. What I'm really wanting this year:
  • Mercedes SLK 280, iridium silver exterior, red leather interior, with the heating, lighting packages and the Ipod integration kit
  • A new computer- would love an HP desktop with at least 2 Gb RAM and 19" monitor
  • Sony digital camcorder- to record those special moments leading to and during our wedding
  • Complete set of Victoria's Secret Emma Collection 2007 (to give my fiance mar). I'll take the full-sized posters too, thank you (this one's for me)
  • Samsung or Sony Bravia XBR4 46" LCD HDTV
  • More hair on my scalp
  • Halo 3
Thanks, Santa. Will have a glass of scotch and some pretzels by the tree. None of that pathetic milk & cookies the other kids give you.


Blogger Teej said...

HP???...everyone knows ibm is the best. :p

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that you know what the "Emma Collection" is is hysterical!

8:33 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

teej: IBM no longer makes computers, remember? :P
PT: A boy's gotta do his homework. PS 90% of men will know what the Victoria's Secret collections are

8:39 AM  
Blogger cooknengr said...

You can have my 19' Samsung LCD.Can tumpang Santa's sleigh when he drop off the 6 speed, silver, TRDed FJCruiser.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous ront said...

ask for a Full HD Projector a screen to go with it...sweet 120" of WS movies....

and use the 46"TV as a pc monitor....that'd be sweeeet..

not so sure abt the lingerie hardly stays on..the urge to peel them off the ladies would be too great.

9:34 AM  
Blogger CHARIS said...

Please, vagus, DO NOT make Santa drunk. He has to come down my chimney too, you know! I have my list as well :)

1:43 PM  
Anonymous anastasia said...

Oh my goodness, even I don't know what the Emma collection is!

btw, may I have your turkey recipe pretty please? I want to try making a turkey this year since I have an oven. My email's tehpanas gmail com

4:49 AM  

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