Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And I'm Off!

Got a piece of good news today.
My manuscript was finally accepted for publication. The third time was the charm. I had gotten the email a few days ago, notifying me the reviewers suggested 'minor revisions' (a good sign, they almost never accept it without any revisions). I had thought about leaving this aside until after my board exams in 16 days, but my impatience got the better of me. I couldn't study with this halfway done. It's like trying to sleep the night before Christmas, or Chinese New Year. So, after tweaking and rephrasing some things, I resubmitted. And so, months and months of work, 700 patient charts, 7 co-authors, a study that was started 5 years ago, comes to an end. Publication date: August 2008. (KNNCCB, have to wait so long!)

Going to pack my stuff and get ready. I leave for New York tomorrow to present my two studies (expression of Thy-1, a surface glycoprotein, by the orbital fibroblasts of patients with Graves', and a comparison study of two thyroid biopsy techniques) at a meeting. Also lugging along several textbooks as I'm expecting to spend more time studying and less time actually listening to the seminars there. Also have scouted out several Malaysian restaurants in New York! This will be a no-holds-barred competition between the size of my stomach and the restaurants, since this my expense will be covered.

Will likely not blog until I get back Sunday.