Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm stressed.
Ask Kristin if you don't believe me. Ask my colleagues. I'm usually known as the clown, but people are starting to complain that I don't smile/laugh/clown around anymore.
Main reason- my specialty board exams in 19 days. October 18th, 3 colleagues and I will be taking the dreaded 'boards' for endocrinology. The final final examination (not counting the 10-yearly recertification exams to keep my license) that will make me a 'board-certified endocrinologist'.
It's also 10.5 hours long.
And cost over US$1600.
Which explains why my wall is full of notes. Why my notes are ruffled and textbooks highlighted and scribbled. And why I'm grumpy, and even more anal than usual. I bet my anus could crack walnuts, what with how tightly it's clenched these days.
This (and the graduation) will mark the completion of my 12-year journey in medical training, from Day 1 of medical school to specialist to subspecialist. And while I had the patience in medical school to sit for 6 hours at a time studying, I now have the attention-span of an ant. 10 minutes of studying is always followed by some distraction, whether it's TV, internet or nail picking, butt scratching, and other bodily unmentionables.
That October is going to be a busy month itself isn't helping. I leave for a conference in New York in 4 days where I will be presenting 2 abstracts, return to Minnesota Sunday, and leave again for another meeting in DC Monday and finally return days before the exam. Hmmph.
On another note (reflecting my procastinating and surfing when studying), I found this Youtube video recently. The Top Gear comparison of the two cars I lust for and am contemplating purchasing within the year- the Mercedes Benz SLK and the Porsche Boxster (though deep in my heart I know the SLK has already won by leaps and bounds). I know, you've seen comparisons before. But not like this. This is the ultimate fightout between two cars.

This guy must have the best man-job in the world. This, and a Playboy photographer.