Sunday, December 24, 2006

You just know it's gonna be a swell holiday, when:
  • The airline charges you US$25 for overweight luggage
  • Check-in and airport security takes 2 hours to clear
  • And the kanineh airline loses all 5 pieces of your luggage. Thankfully Dr. Vagus was smart enough to instruct his family to pack emergency overnight clothes in the hand-luggage in case of such an event. Except he himself didn't practice what he preached, and had to sleep in day-old undies last night. 16 hours out, and we're still awaiting word...
As I sit in my sister's living room looking at her Christmas tree and listening to O Holy Night on the radio on Christmas eve, I'm reminded of Christmases from long ago. Midnight mass in Seremban with my dear friends, and then mamak after that. Still the memories bring a certain warmth to my heart, though with a tinge of longing and nostalgia as well. God knows if we'll ever do that again. Perhaps the era has come and gone?
Merry Christmas, everyone. And gang, I miss you guys.