Monday, May 08, 2006

So there's a bike race coming up next month, 32 and 50 mile trips. Organized by one of the medical associations, a fundraiser of sorts. My nurses were bugging me to sign up (they wanted to raise more money).
So, I tell myself if I wanted to race proper, I should get a road bike (racer) instead of using my trusty mountain bike (lower wind resistance).
$ ka-ching $
Then, I tell myself if I was going to get a road bike to race, I should get a proper cycling jersey.
$ ka-ching $
Then, I tell myself that perhaps my bike helmet was too old, and that I should get a new flashier one for the race.
$ ka-ching $
Then, I tell myself that perhaps I should get a bike lock for the new bike.
$ ka-ching $
Then, I tell myself, now that I'll have TWO bikes, perhaps I should get ANOTHER bike computer for the 2nd one.
$ ka-ching $
And then I find out that I'm oncall the weekend of the bike race, and likely won't be able to join.
Road bike=$ 160
Jersey= $25
Bike helmet= $22
Lock= $7.99
Bike computer= $30
Being able to blow cash without having to ask for permission= priceless


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