Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm relieved.
My 17 year old patient had thyroiditis, and not Grave's. I don't have to ablate her thyroid with radiation. Not that it would be technically difficult, or life-threatening. But perhaps because she is so young, I had reservations about nuking her thyroid with radioactive 131-I. And commit her to lifelong levothyroxine (although if that was the case, then the radioablation would be the most straightforward). And so I sent her on her merry way, to see me again in a month. With her thyroid intact.

Attended a talk by the previous U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell. He was here in our medical center to give a talk about leadership. Very entertaining, very charismatic and funny speaker. Yet inspiring; I enjoyed his advice on how one becomes an effective leader.
A different type of speaker compared to the Dalai Lama a few weeks ago, but both equally enjoyable, and inspiring.


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