Saturday, December 31, 2005

Modern Art

I tried my hand at modern art today. Wanted to bring out my sensitive, new-age side. I call this creation of mine, The Idiot.
It's an original. What do you think?I just can't understand why they can't build proper, sturdy phones nowadays. And of all people, from Nokia, the brand I've used for the last ten years.
Why can't the stupid phone be built strong enough to be run over by a car?? I mean, I'm not bloody asking for something that can withstand an 18-wheeler, or a 200-megaton nuke. I'm just talking about Veronica. A Honda Accord Coupe.
(obviously I'm blaming the phone for my own stupidity)
Anyway. Apparently dropped my phone as I got out of my car last evening (had to make an urgent visit on that sick patient of mine). Then, came back, and went out for Memoirs of a Geisha. So I guess when I parked my car again, I ran over it.
Wait, so it was Zhang Ziyi's fault. Maybe if I write her, she'd buy me a new one?
Found it this morning under the car.
Bah. Just when I thought I had extra spending money this month despite blowing dough on that laptop. Had to buy a new one stat in preparation for the many new year wishes from all my imaginary female fans.
(By the way, I no longer have the phone numbers of my friends abroad. If you're reading this, can you kindly email me your numbers again? You know who you are)


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