Monday, April 18, 2005

Congratulations, you are the winning bidder!
Got that email; had successfully bid on an item on Ebay. Had been trying to get an out-of-edition 26 year old Enid Blyton book for someone else (incidentally, my first favourite book was 'Chimney Corner Stories' by Enid Blyton. But shhh.... I pretend my favourite was something substantial like Eintein's Theory of Relativity).
Anyway, this would have been my 5th Ebay purchase. I kinda like the Ebay TV ads here. About believing that people are generally good. That would be necessary for something like an online auction to work. You need to take a leap of faith. And thankfully, it's been a largely good experience for me.
Let's see. I got an MP3 player (didn't work too well, but they fully refunded me), car GPS navigation system, digital camera (these were not on auction, the companies simply put their ads on Ebay with a fixed price), a Geo Prizm wheel hubcap (it was a birthday present for a dear friend who happens to be a lousy driver and lost her hubcap when she drove into a deep sinkhole. It was a cheap gift from me, but she said it was the most thoughtful gift she had received in a while).
Well, this will be sent from England, so I'll probably get this in a few weeks. Supposed to be in pretty good shape other than a few scribbles inside the front cover.


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